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Used Brickworks is a branch of JUWÖ Porotonwerke Ernst Jungk & Sohn GmbH, one of the leading masonry brick producers in Germany. This company was founded as a brickworks in 1862 in Wöllstein, Rhineland-Hesse, and has been a family business since then.

Since that time JUWÖ has been engaged in the production and further development of clay bricks. The basis for the firm is constituted by the large number of its own raw material deposits, which are situated in the immediate vicinity of the works.


With the acquisition of a licence for the production of the pore-formed, high-thermal insulating lightweight brick “POROTON®” from 1968 onwards it began its advance to become one of the leading masonry brick producers.

To maintain its excellent market position, JUWÖ is constantly engaged in product and process development. Thus in 1976 a new production works was evolved, the design and mechanical equipment of which set new standards in masonry brick manufacture. In 1983 the development was begun of prefabricated brick floor/ceilings, prefabricated building assemblies and prefabricated brick wall systems. For the prefabricated brick floor/ceiling design JUWÖ was awarded the “Special Prize for Innovative Product Management”, within the scope of the Innovation Prize of German Industry.

In 1994, because of lack of profitability, prefabricated construction was discontinued and production begun of bricks ground to be plane-parallel – “plane bricks”. With these bricks, which can be set very rapidly and hence inexpensively, without the use of traditional mortar, by the thin-bed process, a further milestone had been reached in the development of JUWÖ.

At the end of 1997 production was begun in the newly constructed Works III, which has been erected with the most up-to-date and in some cases revolutionary technology, designed especially for the production of high-thermal insulating plane bricks.

At the beginning of 2001 another new plane brickworks was put into operation of which the firing system will set new standards in the branch with the help of a roller kiln. Such a kiln has since then only been used in porcelain or tile production. It involved no increase in capacity; an older works was closed down and sold to Russia. Another brickworks was pulled down and successfully re-erected in the Ukraine. It will be going into operation there in December 2004.

The successful changeover is the basis for a new field of activity for JUWÖ.

The joint Partner of our company, Ernst K. Jungk, is a qualified brickworks engineer and has over 40 years’ professional and investment experience.

As Vice-president of the Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry and as former President of the POROTON® Association, he has taken a considerable share in determining the development of the German brick and tile industry.

In his capacity as Vice-president of the Institut für Ziegelforschung Essen, research and development form a central concern of his honorary activity.

Ernst. K. Jungk
Used Brickworks
Ziegelhüttenstr. 42
55597 Wöllstein

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