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  • JUWÖ itself is running two of the world’s most modern brickworks.
  • Experience with dismounting and remounting of three factories in eastern europe.
  • Engineering for the remounting.
  • Transfer of know-how from production to sales operation of modern brick products.
  • Training of workers of the investors in the field of production, distribution and using of bricks.
  • Procurement of replacement parts.


Ukraine, Lviv:
Engineering by JUWÖ. 50 Mio NF lightweight bricks / year.
Dismounting by ukrainian workers.
Transportation by lorries, mounting supported by german machinery and electronic suppliers.

GUS, Tschita, Sibiria:
8500km distance from Germany. 70 Mio NF lightweight bricks / year.
Dismounting by 25 workers. Total duration 6 months due to complex custom regulations.
Successful logistics, transportation with containers via river ship, sea ship and train.

GUS, Omsk:
60 Mio NF lightweight bricks / year

GUS, St. Petersburg:
60 Mio NF lightweight bricks / year

Ernst. K. Jungk
Used Brickworks
Ziegelhüttenstr. 42
55597 Wöllstein

Phone.: +49 6703 910-110
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