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BaT   - SOLD -

Complete brickworks, 50 mill. standard bricks (NF) (lightweight bricks) with clay and sawdust preparation, pan mill, large capacity loading machine, Frey cutter, 1,340 mm, automatic batten system, chamber dryer, setting machine, tunnel kiln (3.20 m wide), film packaging.

ErH   - SOLD -
ErHComplete brickworks, as above, 70 mill. standard bricks (NF) (lightweight bricks) with preparation, raw material store and stacker belt, new continuous dryer 1994, setting machine, film packaging.



WeB   - SOLD -
WeBProduction plant from a brickworks, 25 mill standard bricks (NF) (lightweight bricks), without preparation, from press, Frey cutter, 1,340 mm automatic batten system, setting machine, tunnel kiln (2.40 m wide), automatic unloading and packaging with tape or band, wheel loader, lorry for clay transport, stacker, very well maintained kiln cars.


BoR   - SOLD -
BoRComplete works for plain clay roofing tiles or split tiles, year of construction 1994!!, daily output approx. 150 t, Händle and Keller equipment, kiln and dryer of modular construction for ease of demolition, chamotte preparation.



MuP   - SOLD -
MuPFrom the quarry to the unloading. Complete works for clinker- (1,300°C) and vertically perforated bricks, 25 mill. standard bricks (NF) or 120 t per day, preparation with pan mill, Frey cutter, automatic batten system, 1,340 mm, chamber dryer, setting machine, tunnel kiln (3.20 m wide), emergency power unit, 2 hydraulic excavators, wheel loader, lorry tipper, 4 stackers.


RiM   - SOLD -
RiMComplete works for vertically perforated bricks, 30 mill. standard bricks (NF), preparation with roller crusher and blow-bar roller mill, Frey cutter, automatic batten system 1,340 mm, chamber dryer, shrink-wrap film packaging.



KoM   - SOLD -
2 tunnel kilns for split tiles

Other works on request!


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